Do groups make better decisions than individuals?

It has long been under debate, whether groups make better decisions than individuals in isolation. According to the idea of synergy, decisions made collectively tend to be more effective than decisions made by a single individual. Building on psychological concept of gestalt, it is assumed that an organised whole is perceived as more than the […]


Increase emotional intelligence to enhance decision making

Too often, when making decisions at work, we are influenced by emotions that are usually unrelated to the decision being made. For example, the drive to work is highly frustrating and emotions felt during traffic influence decisions made when arriving at work. Researchers from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto conducted […]


Unconscious Bias in Decision-Making

To some people, it is often very surprising that well-intentioned leaders make poor decisions. One way of explaining this, is our influence of innate biases. Unconscious biases are those that occur automatically, triggered by our brain making quick judgments of people and situations based on previously determined judgments or socially accepted norms while disregarding any […]