Insights 2017

It is my honour to share our first annual publication
with you. It is a collection of articles written by Human
Interest team members throughout the year. The
focus of our articles were informed by challenges
faced both by our clients and organisations in general,
that are inhibiting their performance. For the purpose
of this publication we have grouped them according to
three themes namely Leadership & Managing People,
Organisational Culture and Talent Management.
During the course of 2017 we had the privilege to
partner with many organisations to successfully
deliver multiple solutions aimed at improving
performance at an individual, team and organisational
level. We had many interesting and thought-provoking
conversations that challenged the status-quo and
resulted in unique, co-created solutions. I want to
thank all our clients for their willingness to engage in
such conversations and for embracing solutions that
will foster high performance.
We are extremely excited about 2018 - we will
continue to challenge ourselves, our thinking and our
assumptions to continue moving individuals, teams
and organisations through conversations. I kindly
invite you to connect with us on social media or to
sign up to our newsletter via our website - you will
then receive timeous notifications about our articles,
research papers, new solutions and events.


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