Increasing team commitment

Studies show that commitment is very important for teams. A 2013 study demonstrated that high performing organisations have higher levels of commitment than low performing organisations. Sixty seven percent of people surveyed in high performing organisations reported having a sense of shared commitment and responsibility, as opposed to the 43% of those surveyed in low […]


Unpacking Commitment

It has been suggested that organisational effectiveness will be enhanced where organisations are able to elicit high levels of commitment from their employees, since committed employees show higher work effectiveness and organisational citizenship behaviour, and lower absence and turnover. Commitment as defined by the Cambridge dictionary is “the fact of being willing to give your […]


Communication in remote teams

Remote teams are the future of work. The Global Mobile Workforce Forecast Update estimates that 1.87 billion employees, over 40% of the world’s working population, will be mobile by 2022. This means a new kind of leadership and management approach is required. Remote teams face unique communication challenges, such as coordinating across time zones and […]


How to use process mapping to drive efficiency

Process mapping is a useful tool for what can be summed up as ‘seeing the big picture and little pictures at the same time’. Process mapping is the act of creating a workflow diagram with the goal of gaining a clearer understanding of how a process works. Mapping out business processes is a great way […]

Enabling deep work

How to enable deep work

As previously discussed, deep work can provide individuals and teams with a competitive advantage, because it enables high quality work to be produced in shorter periods of time. As a manager it is key that you educate and empower your teams to work deeply. One of the best ways to start, is by requesting your […]

Deep work

Deep work: A necessity for quality execution

In today’s digital age, distractions are ever present, be it emails, social media or distracting thoughts. This becomes even more of an issue when the distractions are so attractive. Email taps into our primal impulse to seek out random rewards, resulting in addictive behaviour and social media is designed to captivate. On average, employees who […]