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For High-Performing Teams, continual (self-propelled) learning is a way of life

“Teamwork should no longer be considered a group skill. It is an individual skill and a responsibility of everyone in the workplace.” – Christopher Avery, The Leadership Gift Teams are the backbone of the contemporary world of work. Exco teams run corporations. R&D teams build market share. Matrix teams break the traditional corporate hierarchy and […]

Optimise hiring process

A Rigorous selection process is part of the status of an Elite Team

Talent selection and identification are critical for the development of future elite-level performers. Hiring companies are continually pursuing top talent: individuals with a set of attributes which predispose them for a successful career in the company. As teams are the mainstay in the modern world of work, it only makes sense to group top talent […]


How an Elite Team is a Biome to facilitate reaching full potential

As organisations become increasingly digital, they face a growing imperative to redesign themselves to move faster, adapt quicker and embrace the dynamic career of a younger talent pool. A critical part of adapting to the digital world of work is moving to replace hierarchical organisational structures with models where work is accomplished in teams.  According […]

Drive Creativity and Productivity (1)

Why managers should consistently reward progress

To assess contemporary awareness of the importance of daily work progress, Amabile and Kramer administered a survey to 669 managers of varying levels from dozens of organisations around the world. They asked about the managerial tools that can affect employees’ motivation and emotions. The respondents ranked five tools—support for making progress in the work, recognition […]

Recognise to Thrive

Celebrate small wins to boost performance

In a 1968 issue of Harvard Business Review, Frederick Herzberg published a now-classic article titled One more time: How do you motivate employees?  His message was that: People are most satisfied with their jobs (and therefore most motivated) when those jobs give them the opportunity to experience achievement. In order to investigate this message in […]

Why you need to enable and empower

Enablement: The key to empowerment

Empowerment means “authority or power given to someone to do something.” There is little doubt regarding the numerous benefits resulting from empowered employees. However, despite the buzz regarding empowerment, too often organisations speak about empowering their employees, but in reality, this is not true. Empowering employees cannot be a strategy on its own. Throwing people […]

Beware the dark side of empowerment

The art of positive empowerment

There is large consensus regarding the positive benefits resulting from employee engagement. A meta-analysis of all available field experiments on leaders empowering subordinates was conducted on a total of 105 studies. The study’s focus assessed whether an empowering leadership style was linked to improved job performance, and whether this was true of different types of […]