A Sturdy decision-making structure is built by a team

“It’s really, really important to surround yourself with a team whose opinions you trust, who are not in any way frightened to disagree with you.”- Anna Wintour, Vogue Editor-in-Chief. Many companies either ignore or lack adequate decision-making processes, says the International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making. As businesses are increasingly organising themselves into […]


Values are worthless without collective buy-in

“If you’re not willing to accept the pain real values incur, don’t bother going to the trouble of formulating a values statement.” – Patrick M. Lencioni, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. Teams that take their dynamic from functional to exceptional operate from the same mindset, says Roger Schwarz, an organisational psychologist and the author […]


Inclusive Leadership: The sturdy mesh of safety and buoyancy

“The most essential work of the leader is to create more leaders.” – Carsten Tams One of the fundamental transformations in business today is the constant change away from hierarchical models of management. Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends suggests that shifting toward a team-based organisational model improves performance, often significantly. Companies are reinventing themselves […]


How peer-to-peer feedback in high-performing teams transcends potential

The digital age, the pertinence of the Millennial workforce and the diversity of global trade are driving a new organisational flexibly. High performing companies are amending their business structures, shifting from the traditional functional hierarchy towards a network of teams. The system of interconnected units is fluid, with people moving from team to team rather […]


Replace your annual reviews with real-time coaching

“People are realising that doing anything annually, whether it’s a Performance Review, Engagement Survey or Goal-Setting, makes no sense.” – Jim Barnett. The mounting need for top talent, the pressure of dealing with global competitors and the complexity of Industry 4.0 have led corporations to rework their business structure into a team-based model.  Renowned research […]

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An emotional intelligent team fosters a healthy space for feedback

‘A team can have everything going for it – the brightest and most qualified people, access to resources, a clear mission – but still fail because it lacks group emotional intelligence.’ –  Building the Emotional Intelligence of Groups, Vanessa Urch Druskat and Steven B. Wolff Personality and emotions are hardwired in each of us. However, […]

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For High-Performing Teams, continual (self-propelled) learning is a way of life

“Teamwork should no longer be considered a group skill. It is an individual skill and a responsibility of everyone in the workplace.” – Christopher Avery, The Leadership Gift Teams are the backbone of the contemporary world of work. Exco teams run corporations. R&D teams build market share. Matrix teams break the traditional corporate hierarchy and […]

Optimise hiring process

A Rigorous selection process is part of the status of an Elite Team

Talent selection and identification are critical for the development of future elite-level performers. Hiring companies are continually pursuing top talent: individuals with a set of attributes which predispose them for a successful career in the company. As teams are the mainstay in the modern world of work, it only makes sense to group top talent […]


How an Elite Team is a Biome to facilitate reaching full potential

As organisations become increasingly digital, they face a growing imperative to redesign themselves to move faster, adapt quicker and embrace the dynamic career of a younger talent pool. A critical part of adapting to the digital world of work is moving to replace hierarchical organisational structures with models where work is accomplished in teams.  According […]