High Performing Teams

One factor that can differentiate between a successful organisation and an unsuccessful organisation is high performing teams. High performing teams, whether at an executive level or operational level, are highly focused on their goals and achieve superior business results. High performing teams outperform all other similar teams.

Some of the differentiating factors of high performing teams are:

1. Participative leadership that involves everyone;
2. Effective decision-making;
3. Open and clear communication channels;
4. Value on diversity in terms of thinking style, viewpoints and solutions;
5. Mutual trust among team members;
6. Managing conflict in an open and transparent manner;
7. Setting clearly defined goals;
8. Having clearly defined roles and responsibilities; and a
9. Positive and open atmosphere.

The most critical resource the CEO has is the executive team. They set the business strategy and drive its execution. They ensure the ready supply of top leadership talent and an engaged, performing culture. Their alignment in these efforts directly impact business results. Armed with a clear remit, the right mix of capabilities, and fueled by an enterprise mindset, the top team offers a critical competitive advantage.

We support organisations to:

  • Understand individual working styles;
  • Understand individual leadership styles;
  • Define a clear team purpose;
  • Harness ways to enhance team effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Set out a clear and focused team strategy, through strategy clarification;
  • Identify skills gaps within a team;
  • Determine whether the team is made up of the right people in order to effectively execute the purpose;
  • Ensure each team has a positive and open culture;
  • Ensure team members have a strong bond and morale; and
  •  Provide team members as well as the team with ongoing development.