Organisation Design

We strongly believe that an organisation’s structure should be based on and aligned with its strategy. As strategy changes, due to competition, growth, new products, new customers or new channels, so too must the organisational design change.

Organisations know very quickly when there is a problem with their organisational design with some common ‘symptoms’ being a poor flow of information, slow decision-making, lack of coordination and a lack of accountability.

Unfortunately two common mistakes are that organisations fail to evolve their design quick enough to keep up with global changes and that organisational design change is often implemented quickly without consideration for the organisation’s strategy.

We assist our clients by translating their strategy into a set of design principles, which are objective criteria for designing a more effective operating model. Through the process we identify the root cause of the problems are, be it a toxic culture, poor talent, bad data, unintegrated systems, weak work processes or a combination of these.

At the end of the process our clients benefit by having:

  • An optimised ‘fit for purpose’ operating model, which adds value to the bottom line; and
  • An organisational structure that aligns with the operating model and organisational strategy.